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a sociocritical cirus- fairy tale

Leila Köckenberger



“ ...The feeling that time and space are encapsulated, the feeling you are growing mute, you can no longer identify what words mean, you can only guess..“ (16.6.72 bis 9.2.72 isolation cell -Ulrike Meinhof, )


The human kind fights between two poles: the instinct of survival and the capability to reach a peaceful state of existence.



A contemporary Rapunzel version, an emotional performance about our internal and external limitations.

All existence is dedicated to investigate life-determining issue: fear, hope, love, illness and death.


The solo piece INSIDE intertwines highly skilled circus technics and the theater world through the dark atmosphere of grimm´s fairy tales.

A challenging mixture with aerial acrobatics, balancing and fakirism, a breathless experience.

The public steps into a little world : a wicked, breathholding experience.









play/acrobatics: Leila Köckenberger

: Ilka Schönbein

acting coach, dramaturgy: Francois Kah

music composition: Max Swagemakers

technic: Marieke Ferger


indoor+- 40 min

outdoor +- 30 min


required highed: min 6m


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a laMule cirque production

INSIDE dossier deutsch

gefördert vom Fonds Darstellendende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien