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in Rapunzel

“ ...The feeling that time and space are encapsulated, the feeling you are growing mute, you can no longer identify what words mean, you can only guess..“ (16.6.72 bis 9.2.72 isolation cell -Ulrike Meinhof)


The human kind fights between two poles: the instinct of survival and the capability to reach a peaceful state of existence.

A body unrolls in a white room

-no exit


Climbing into the Grimm´s fary tales aiming to escape her prison.




A society critical emotional performance about our internal and external limitations.

Existence is dedicated to investigate life-determining issues such as fear, hope, love, illness and death.


The solo piece INSIDE, is a meeting point for highly skilled circus technics and the theatre world through the dark atmosphere of Grimm´s fairy tales.

A challenging mixture with aerial acrobatics, balancing and fakirism is a breathless experience.

The public leaves this little world with a tear and a smile and hopefully with new dreams.

Leila Köckenberger is born in a community in Berlin- Kreuzberg and is doing circus since her early years.

Studying circus and performance art in Tilburg, NL she developed her own circus technic the aerial plastic and is constantly up for new ways how to combine content and image.

Next to “VACUUM” and the female group “compagnie les triplettes”, she is co-founder of the collective “cirque du platzak” and is engaged in social circus with “LaMule cirque”.

Seeking for her own way of life, she lives in her truck and drives it aside the main road.


Collaborating with


Francois Kah who is coming from physical theatre. He started as actor and is now going deeper in the regie and writing of theatre pieces of international touring shows.

He is co- founder of “les alieces“.




Ilka Schönbein who learned puppetry with Albrecht Roser, is now touring with 3 buses with her theatre Meschugge '( Yiddish ='crazy'). By now Ilka Schönbein has long been taken from the street to the big theatres. In France, she is considered the star of the puppet theatre scene. Her art is cross-disciplinary of dance, drama, mask and puppetry. Already in 1996 she was represented with "Metamorphoses" at the Fidena and stimulated with this production large discussions.