Leila Köckenberger

Born 06.10.1985

Lausitzer Str 22f 100999 Berlin, Germany

Tel: 0049/017634214678


Main: aerial plastic (static aerial)

and: walking bottles, walking glass, handstand, theater, dance, juggling,

hand to hand, acrobatics-contortion, fire

saxophone, harmonica, guitar

shiatsu- massage

Artistic cv:

2018-…: building up the “LaYourte”- Project a traveling tent for performances and social projects.

2017-...: creation of “INSIDE” : A contemporary fairytale Solo in collaboration with Francois Kah and Ilka Schönbein

2016- ..: Foundation of the social circus project ”LaMule”: giving workshops and performing in refugee center in Belgium and on the Syrian border in Turkey.

2011-2018: foundation-member of the circus-music collective: “cirque du platzak” touring several shows (“KERMIZ” «popcore», «si o no?!») on international festivals.

2012-2015: creation and performing in the female troupe „les triplettes“  show:(un)-breakable.

2010-2018: Creation and Performances for companies and solo work

generating company «no-sweat»; aerial shows with flying artworks;

Solo performances with aerial plastic: “broken ballerina” in cabarets, galas, venues

2011- 2013: creating the group ”VACUUM”

A collaboration between a visual-, sound- and aerial artist.

2011: Bachelor in “Acapa”- school for circus and performance art, in Tilburg, the Netherlands

Trainer: Fred Deb(Aerial Choreograph), Ezra Groenen(Aerial-dancer), Samuel Jornot, Jan Daems, Rolf Alme

2011: 1 month in Kiev circus-school for handstand


2005- 2015: work as trainer in youth-circus as “Cabuwazi”, “Shake”, “Mignon”, “Wanderfalken”, “JuKie.V.-Circus Pimparello”

2004-2007: Foundation and member of the group “circolibre” going to israel and palestine refugee camps, in Madrid working with Sinti and Roma.